Brass Neutral Links

Brass Cable Glands manufacture and export a full range of neutral links, active links and neutral bars. Brass Neutral Links are designed with the intention of minimising issues during installation. The screws minimize the risk of shearing, stripping and cross threading which each hole is clearly identified with an engraved number. Brass Neutral Links are available in various configurations, starting with 4 Hole and so on. Brass Neutral Links and Bars are used for ground or earth in mains electrical wiring system which provides a low impedance path to the earth to prevent hazardous voltages from appearing on equipment. Also used under normal conditions.

Following Brass Neutral Links are given by us as per custom specification and our availability.
4 Way Neutral Links
4 Way Neutral Links
8 Way Neutral Links
8 Way Neutral Links
6 Way Neutral Links
6 Way Neutral Links
7 Hole Neutral Links
7 Hole Neutral Links
10 Hole Neutral Bar
10 Hole Neutral Bar
12 Hole Neutral Bar
12 Hole Neutral Bar
Heavy Neutral Links
Heavy Duty 13 Hole Neutral Links
CDA Brass Neutural
CDA Alloy 360 Neutral Links
Meter Neutral Links
1 Meter Neutral Links
Amp Neutral Links
63 Amp Neutral Links
Hole Neutral Links
24 Hole Neutral Links
Following are the specification of Brass Neutral Links :
  • Used in Street Light Isolator, Distribution Board, Switchgear Electrical Panels, Electrical and Telecommunication, Panel Boards, etc.
  • For termination of neutral and ground wires on bus bar.
  • For termination of Rated Conductors.
  • For mounting of DIN Rails and clamp type.
  • For surface mount applications.
  • Designed for Easy Installation and Termination.
  • Carries current back to the source.
  • Free Cutting Brass, High Tensile Brass, CDA 360 Brass, Alloy 360 Brass, CDA 230 Brass
  • Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated, Chrome Plated, Electrolyte Tin Plated or any coating as per customer specification.
  • Lighter and easier to handle.
  • The use of modern polymer channel has reduced the weight of the products making them easier to handle.
  • Pre-Drilled fixing holes for ease of installation.
  • The plastic channel base is entirely corrosion proof.
  • High Durability, Tensile strength and Resistant to adverse conditions.
We can manufacture and export Brass Neutral Links as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us