Cable Lugs

Cable Lugs are device used for connecting and terminating cables to electrical appliances, other cables, surfaces or mechanisms. The clamp that connect wires to an automotive battery are a common example of a cable lug as are the ends of battery cables. One end of Cable Lug is typically used for connecting a cable, which could be soldered, welded or crimped depending on the type. The connection end of the cable lug is then fastened to a matching terminal or connection point by means of a bolt, screw or spring clip. We export wide quality range of Cable Lugs with international standards according to customer requirement.

Following Cable Lugs are given by us as per custom specification and our availability.
LV Cable Lugs
LV Cable Lugs
Light Duty Lugs
Light Duty Cable Lugs
Bell Mouth Cable Lugs
Bell Mouth Cable Lugs
Four Hole Lugs
Four Hole Transformer Cable Lugs
DIN Cable Lugs
DIN 46235 Cable Lugs
Single Hole Lugs
Single Hole High Voltage Cable Lugs
Double Hole Lugs
Double Hole High Voltage Cable Lugs
Cable Lugs 45 Angle
Tubular Cable Lugs – 45° Angle
Cable Lugs 90 Angle
Tubular Cable Lugs – 90° Angle
Australian Cable Lugs
Australian Standard Cable Lugs
Pre-Insulated Lugs
Pre-Insulated Cable Lugs
Bi-Metallic Lugs
Bi-Metallic Cable Lugs
Long Barrel Lugs
Long Barrel Cable Lugs
Standard Aluminium Lugs
Standard Aluminium Cable Lugs
Following are the specification of Cable Lugs:
  • To Suit both copper and aluminium conductors.
  • Used in street light isolator, distribution board, switchgear electrical panels, electrical, telecommunication, etc.
  • Easy to use in conjunction with mechanical or hydraulic crimping equipment.
  • Provide support to the wires and prevent the loss of connection due to vibration or flexing in use.
  • Used in Crimping, connecting cables to electrical appliances, other cables, surfaces or mechanism.
  • Used when permanent, direct fastening methods are not feasible or necessary.
  • Used for Connecting a cable which could be soldered, welded or crimped depending on the type.
  • Suitable for various cable, wire types and specific installation requirements.
  • To terminate or connect cables.
  • Fixing the cables and wires with conductor and then crimping to form a secure mechanical and electrical connection.
  • High Conductivity Copper, E-Copper, Electrolyte Copper, Aluminium, Copper
  • Electrolyte Tin Plated, Chrome Plated, Natural, Nickel Plated as per custom requirements and specification.
  • Cross Sectional Area of the conductors to be terminated or joined.
  • Designed to be easily installed and removed for repairs or maintenance.
  • Offer seamless performance for connecting cables, electrical appliances and other power mechanism for harsh duty environments.
  • Work in conjunction with standard cable crimping tools and inspection holes to ensure the conductor has been fully inserted before crimping occurs.
  • Fully Annealed to Guarantee Optimum Ductility.
  • Available with or without inspection hole.
We can manufacture and export Cable Lugs as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us