TRS Brass Cable Gland

TRS Cable Gland
TRS Cable Gland
TRS Cable Gland

Brass Cable Glands manufacture TRS Brass Cable Glands from High Grade Brass, Free Cutting Brass and other high quality material. We customized TRS Cable Glands with rubber seal so it compresses on retrenchment to a tight fit against cable flexible, durable and high strength. Brass TRS Cable Glands are used for securing flexible cables and for securing the assembly and metallic cable glands. Brass TRS Cable Glands are used for both commercial as well as domestic purpose.

Following are the specification of TRS Brass Cable Gland :
  • Metric - 16, 20S, 2OL, 25, 32.
  • Especially for flexible cables.
  • Use as a satisfactory method of securing flexible cables.
  • Recommended for use with braided, co-axial or Single Wire Armoured cables.
  • Brass, Aluminium, Nickel Plated Brass and Copper
Ingress Protection
  • IP66, IP67 and IP68
  • Chrome Finish, Brass Finish, Nickel Finish or as specified
  • Brass Cable Gland Accessories available with TRS Brass Cable Gland like PVC Shrouds, Lock Nuts, Earth Tag, Blank Plug, Split Bolts, Test Clamps and more.
  • Provide seal on outer sheath of unarmoured cables.
  • Outer Compression Seal.
  • A rubber seal compresses on cable to provide a tight fit against cable.
  • Finish available as per custom specified.
We can manufacture and export TRS Brass Cable Gland as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us